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The Stork Stop of Northern Virginia~ Burke, VA ~ Special Feature of Burke Dental

Local Business Spotlight: Burke Dental

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Caring for your oral health is something everyone should be doing, and it begins at a young age. The importance of maintaining a healthy smile can impact many factors throughout life, especially in developing children. How a child learns to eat and speak can be affected by how their teeth, gums, and jaw is cared for.

At Burke Dental, one question we often hear frequently is when we should start bringing our child in to see the dentist? As soon as your little one cuts their first tooth, you should be looking for a dental practice to oversee their care. On average the perfect time is between ages one and two.

One of the points we illustrate to patients is the importance of routine at home practices and having bi-annual visits to the dentist. For parents, visiting Burke Dental can assist them starting their children with good oral hygiene habits. For instance, what type of toothpaste is appropriate, and brushing techniques that should be used, can all help to minimize the chance of early damage and decay of their children’s teeth.

While you do have two sets of teeth, it is essential to take care of the primary ones. The primary, or baby teeth, need to stay in for years until the permanent set is ready to come in. Burke Dental is pleased to be a pediatric dentistry provider for the Burke, Virginia area. We care for all dental health needs from kids to adults that include preventative, cosmetic, corrective, and general dentistry procedures.

Dental Procedures For Adults

Now that you have a handle on caring for your little one's complete oral health, what about your adult teeth and gum needs? Many adults put off going to to the dentist for a variety of reasons. The idea of dental procedures and treatments might seem frightening. You may say you don’t have enough time to fit a visit into your schedule. Or possibly you don’t have the money to have the work done right now. These common roadblocks to visiting the dentist regularly can significantly affect your oral health negatively.

Thankfully, there are many options to combat the issues that may have kept you away from the dentist and help you to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Sedation dentistry is a popular option for those that have anxiety or fear about having dental procedures done. There are typically two sedation dentistry methods that can be used, nitrous oxide and oral sedation. These are considered minimal sedation.

Cost can play a huge factor in having dental work done especially for implants, braces or Invisalign, veneers, and teeth whitening. These services can help to improve the appearance of teeth and boost an individual's confidence. However, many people put off having these treatments done because of cost. The good news for patients is dental insurance can cover some of the expenses and financing, or payment plans are available. These can help to reduce the initial out of pocket cost allowing individuals the opportunity to correct misaligned teeth, replace missing teeth, or brighten their pearly whites.

At a minimum, adults should be visiting the dentist twice a year for cleanings, exams, and x-rays. Preventative care is essential no matter what age you are, and helps to protect the condition of your teeth and gums. Conditions such as cavities, while common, should be fixed quickly to stop more damage from occurring. During a preventive care visit, patients will have their teeth cleaned, examined, and in most cases have cavities filled in the same day.

Visiting the dentist is just as essential as regular check-ups with your medical physician. Maintaining a healthy smile starts with preventative care. Annual or bi-annual cleanings and exams should be done to identify problems early on. Dentistry isn’t just for identifying issues you don’t know you have. For straighter teeth or missing teeth, which patients are usually self-conscience about have several treatment options can boost confidence and raise self-esteem.

Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment. Want to read more articles by Dr. Willis about dental health? Visit his blog here.

About the Author:

Dr. James Willis of Burke Dental is a licensed, board-certified dentist. His provides preventative, cosmetic, corrective and general dentistry treatments. Dr. Willis is proud to be an active member of the American Dental Association, ADA and the Virginia Dental Association, VDA.

The Stork Stop is a stork sign business serving the northern Virginia and D.C. metro area in and around Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Burke, Clifton, Dunn Loring, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Falls Church, Ft. Belvoir, Ft. Hunt, Ft. Meyer, Greenway, Lorton, McLean, Merrifield, Newington, Oakton, Potomac, Rockville, Springfield, Tyson's Corner, Vienna, West McLean, & Woodbridge.

Please contact us at 703-988-1846 or visit to rent a stork sign for your new baby or granchild.

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